The Installation Process

It’s simple to use the Cellematics SDK.

  • Step 1 : Apply for your Cellematics Service License Key.  Apply for SDK
  • Step 2 : Add Cellematics Service dependency to the build.gradle file:
    compile ('com.cellepathy.cellematicsservice:CellematicsService:1.0.0@aar') {transitive = true}
  • Step 3 : Sync your project
    Done! Now you can start playing with the Cellematics Service.


What is “wake-up” used for?

The “wake-up” feature is used to wake up or start you application when important trip events occur (e.g. if a trip is started). With this mechanism you don’t need to worry about connection persistence. Note: Once a wake-up event is fired and the trip status changes the wake-up feature must be registered again.

What is the difference between “broadcast” and “service” wake-up?

A service wake-up is much more reliable in terms of killing an application (when an app is force closed or killed). The service wake-up will start even when the application was force closed by a user. More on this can be understood from the API documentation provided once logged in.

Do I need a persistent connection to Cellematics Service or do I only need to connect periodically?

You can decide. The connection can be persistent but if there is no need to stay connected, we recommend you use the wake-up feature to wake up your application when a user’s trip status changes. Using the wake-up feature will help reduce battery usage.

Does maintaining a persistent connection to Cellematics Service consumer power?

Not exactly. In Android, the connection itself does not require many resources. However, it is possible that your application does. Therefore if you do not need to start your application because a trip is not in progress then you should use the wake-up feature.

Can I be connected to Cellematics Service and registered for wake-up at the same time?


Does Cellematics Service reconnect after it crash?

Maintaining connections to Cellematics Service is in your hands. You will be notified with a proper callback if your connection with Cellematics Service was lost. It is up to you to decide if you would like to re-register or remain disconnected. Please see “Sample Project” for best practices.

Does Cellematics Service reconnect automatically after reboot?

Cellematics Service does not reconnect automatically. Either register for the wake-up feature or try to reconnect to Cellematics Service using Android’s BOOT_COMPLETED action.

Does Cellematics Service need Internet connection?

Cellematics Service doesn’t require Internet connection most of the time. If it should require connection and is unsuccessful at the time you will be notified with a setup error code: NO_INTERNET_CONNECTION. Reference the documentation.

What does it mean when Cellematics Service reports the malfunction “NOT properly Initialized”?

Upon initial installation, Cellematics Service requires some time and an Internet connection to configure itself in order to provide the highest quality of services. If you experience this malfunction simply re-establish Internet connection and after a short wait it should work fine. Reference the documentation.

If I register for the wake-up feature and the callback for TripChange, which event will be called first?

There is no guarantee which event will come first – the wake-up call or tripClassChanged callback – But, you are guaranteed that when tripClassChanged callback will be called you can safely reregister for a wake-up call.

Does Cellematics Service work in heavy traffic?

Yes. Cellematics Service works in heavy-traffic situations but like any software solution solving a complex problem there may be inaccuracies at times.

Why is Cellematics Service implemented as a remote service?

It allows for the reduction of battery usage by sharing the same resources among multiple applications.

Can I connect many clients to the same instance of Cellematics Service?

Yes. Cellematics Service is one instance running on a device as a remote service. However, approval for each client is required.

Can I use the same Cellematics Service application key to connect multiple clients?

No. Your Cellematics Service application key is only valid for an individual application. You may apply for additional application keys for each additional client.

Sample Project

If you would like to download a sample project that you can build on and run on your device please click here.

Sample Project

You will need a License Key to access the Cellematics Service itself.
Apply for a license key below.

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