Some turns are more important than others
The importance of any turn varies from driver to driver

1st Place – 2016 Startup Competition   CD16-logo-w-out-dates-300x58

Smarter Instructions for All of Us

Ergo is an artificially intelligent personalization engine that scores the importance of each navigation instruction for each individual driver.

It ensures that your users get the information they really need, and aren’t annoyed by hearing instructions they already know.

The ErgoTM Personalization Engine

A New Layer

Like maps and traffic info, personalization enhances navigation software to help drivers reach their destinations more easily.


ErgoTM scores the importance of each turn in a journey for each individual driver so that navigation software can provide them with customized instructions.

Increased Engagement

Navigation systems with ErgoTM provide a better user experience so that drivers use turn-by-turn guidance for more of the miles they drive.

A New Layer In The Value Stack


The Evolution of Turn-By-Turn Guidance

First PNDs

Maps and GPS help drivers find their way on unfamiliar routes. Every turn is shown visually, and every turn is announced audibly.


Real-time traffic info saves people time on familiar routes. But navigation UIs are still designed for unfamiliar routes.


Navigation UIs deliver instructions exactly as each driver needs. With better UX, drivers use GPS navigation more regularly.

Ready for the future of navigation?

Let’s talk about enhancing your app, PND, or infotainment product with ErgoTM.

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