About Ergo

Ergo is a new type of navigation application that is almost always silent. Unlike Google Maps, Apple, Waze and others, Ergo was designed from the bottom up to help you navigate to known destinations. Because turn-by-turn voice instructions are so annoying, Ergo uses differential navigation to tell you only what, if anything, you need to do differently today to save time because of changing traffic patterns.


To be a beta tester, you must:

  • Commute to work using a car regularly
  • Have an Android phone (iOS version is not available yet)
  • Be willing to use new software which may have bugs, share your Ergo experiences, ideas and report problems, all to help us improve the app.

  • Not work for a navigation app company


Apply by filling in this information:

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    Car owned*

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    How many days per week do you commute to Work?*

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