Connected Car Technology

Telematics, without the hardware.
It’s called CellematicsTM

By answering the difficult questions, our platform enables Connected Car Services like Driver Scoring, Fleet Management, Distracted Driving Protection and more.

In a Trip?

In a Trip?

Autonomously know when to activate or deactivate your app. Fast, accurate, power efficient—and independent of the user.

Driver or Passenger?

Driver or Passenger?

On any given trip your user might be driving, or they might be a passenger. Sure you could ask (and believe) them, but sometimes you need to know.

Device Use?

Device Use?

From a safety perspective, how someone uses their smartphone while driving can be as important as how they operate their vehicle.

Battery-Friendly Trip Detection

You need to know, 24/7, when your users start and end vehicular trips, but excessive battery drain is a real pain point for users.

Leverage our advanced sensor algorithms to activate or deactivate connected car functionality with the optimal balance of power efficiencyspeed, and accuracy of trip detection.

Solving the Passenger Problem

Sometimes your users are driving, sometimes they’re just passengers.

If your software can’t tell the difference it has to treat everyone the same.

That’s a big problem. It causes good drivers to overpay for car insurance because risk scoring apps treat every trip as if their policyholder was driving (even those dodgy taxi rides). It also results in many accidents because navigation apps, despite their warnings and reminders, have to let all users (passengers and drivers) search for destinations and enter text while the car is moving.

We have a range of patented methods to determine a user’s role in any given trip. Some allow a user to actively prove they aren’t the driver (see an example) while others run passively in the background, analyzing data from the sensors on the phone itself. And they all work without any specialized hardware or connection to the vehicle.

Phone Use Insight

Crash prediction and incident investigation solutions are no longer limited to vehicle based behavior; they now include phone based behavior.

Accurately measure driver risk using coarse information like the on/off state of the screen and the duration of phone calls, or granular data like app use and text message character counts.

CellematicsTM Use-Cases

Deploy hardware-free telematic solutions that leverage the smartphones your users already take wherever they go.

Distracted Driving Management

Monitor, or even enforce, compliance with company phone use policies.

UBI & Driver Scoring

Remove passenger trips from driver score data sets, gain insight into driver phone use.

Mileage & Gas Logs

Upgrade from manual to automatic activation without worrying about battery drain.

Navigation & Traffic

Launch mapping or traffic at trip start, drop a reminder pin when user parks.

Ready to take your app to the next level?

Let us tell you how our CellematicsTM platform can enhance your transportation app.

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    Copyright © 2011-2017 Cellepathy Inc. All Rights Reserved.